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Work and home life is always busy. So let our bottled water delivery service
help simplify your busy life. Making our pure, refreshing water readily available at home
or office is easy and convenient.

Easy to start

We will help you decide exactly how much drinking water is right for your family
or employees. Also if you need bottled water dispensers installed,
we're happy to handle that for you.

Conveniently delivered.

Your order will always be delivered on schedule. And if your needs change, just
let us know prior to your next scheduled delivery day. You get to enjoy all of
these benefits delivered right to your home or office. Now that's convenient!

Budget Friendly.

Enjoying bottled water delivered right to your home or office can fit most any
budget. Contact us today and begin enjoying refreshing bottled water delivery
service to your home or office.

We Offer:

  • Pure Refreshing Bottled Water
  • Water Dispensers
  • Water Filtration
  • Water Flavors & Enhancers
  • Convenient Delivery

Pure Refreshing Water For Your Office Employees...
And Customers Too!

Blue Ridge Mountain Water offers a complete line of convenient, low cost water dispensers for rent. These include; the non-electric dispenser which delivers water at room temperature; the electric cold model which delivers chilled water only; the hot and cold electric model which delivers heated and chilled water.
Blue Ridge Mountain Water offers several types of filtration coolers that filter the water in different stages of purity. These units are connected to a water supply in your home or office. These units offer an unlimited amount of cold or hot water water at a set cost each month.

Water that starts pure and stays pure.

Blue Ridge Mountain Water is one of the few unspoiled items that is naturally good. There are no chemical additives, sodium, preservatives, sweeteners, flavorings,
artificial gases, and best of all - pure, crisp, and good tasting. But don't stop there; because our mountain water will make everything you mix or cook taste better because it brings
out the natural flavor in everything

Pure at the source

The source of the Blue Ridge Mountain Water is Blue Springs that is formed by surface rainwater filtered through at least 100 feet of fractured quartzite, thereby removing naturally all but a very few minerals. This naturally pure water flows out of the crystal clear spring often appearing blue in the sunlight due to light refraction. Hence it’s name, Blue Springs.

Blue Springs is in the heart of the 40,000 acres in Harris County purchased by Cason Callaway, Sr. during the years 1920-1960. Located at the base of the Pine Mountain ridge, the Blue Springs 1,000 acre watershed is adjacent to a 2,500 acre Forest Legacy conservation easement put under protection by the Callaway family in 2004.

The area surrounding the spring is home to several varieties of native azaleas as well as abundant mature Mountain Laurel, Rhododendron Minus, ferns of many species and mature timber such as sycamore, white oak, poplar and longleaf pine. This secluded garden area is now protected by the Cason Callaway, Jr. family, who will keep the pristine nature of the spring's environment as it has been for so many years.
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