Sqwincher Activity Drinks

Sqwincher activity drinks are isotonically formulated so your body absorbs the hydration it needs quickly and easily. Liquids that aren’t isotonically formulated (like water) are absorbed into the bloodstream slowly, so you don’t get fully hydrated. With Sqwincher activity drinks, you’ll get maximum hydration with each serving.

With Sqwincher, you’ll never have to remind yourself to drink fluids. Great taste guarantees that you’ll stay hydrated because you enjoy what you’re drinking. No more choking down drinks that taste like cough syrup because you have to.

Great Taste • Maximum Hydration

12oz Cans

Freezer Pops

The Perfect Combination

Combine a great tasting and isotonically formulated Sqwincher Powder pack and Blue Ridge
Mountain starts pure, stays pure water for a perfect combination.

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